Rental Policy

Driving license

All renters must hold a valid Driving License, issued at least one year before the rental.

Type of vehicles

The mentioned car types are indicative only, the booking considers group of vehicle and not specific models.
Split days rental can be provided after request.
Changing type of vehicle can also be provided after request.
The fees in both cases will be arranged by our local office and paid locally.

Fuel Policy

The cost of fuel surcharged the renter. Fuel is recorded on the car rental contract at the time of delivering the car at the start of the rental period and must be returned at the same level at the end of the journey. If you require a full tank of petrol, please contact us at the time of booking.


Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 23

Renters age: Minimum Drivers age is 23 yrs for all  car groups.


Payment Methods

The following credit cards are accepted: Mastercard/Eurocard, VISA, with an extra surcharge that is sometimes up to 5% according to credit card type. Must be a valid credit card in the name of the main driver.


Geographic Restrictions

The vehicle can be delivered to any port, airport or main city of Crete. Transportation outside of Crete Island, in-between the islands and the mainland is not allowed.


Our price offer always include unlimited kilometers in order to travel all over the stunning island of Crete and see all the wonderful places .

Loss of car keys:
The client is not covered in case of loss or stolen car keys, the cost of car keys is covered from the client.

Traffic Tickets/fines

If you get any police traffic tickets while driving around Crete in a hire car, it is your responsibility and payment must be made to your rental agency. These vary in price according to the offence, so you should avoid speeding, parking wherever you want and always wear a seatbelt. Follow the Greek regulations related to traffic, for your own safety as well as for the other car passengers.

Returning the vehicle late

You must return the rented car at the designated place and on the date and time stated on the rental contract or else a small amount will be charged to your final price.

Cancellations of Reservation

There is no cancellation fee, but in case of delays or cancellation of your booked car rental we would appreciate if you could contact us and inform us three days in advance. This will enable us to reschedule our program in time. has the right to cancel any confirmed reservation at any time (before the car rental period has started or during the rental period), if the client misbehaves or disregards the company's rental policies.


If an accident occurs you must inform the authorities and a police report must be made. You must also immediately alert the rental company. If the police don't carry out a report, then the renter is fully accountable for the repairs to the car. This report eliminates any responsibility for the renter. Do not make any repairs which are unauthorized to the rental car. For negligent or drunk driving, driving under influence of drugs , on unauthorized or non asphalt roads(off road driving is not allowed), driving to prohibited areas/countries, obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle, the renter will be responsible for the full amount of charges.


By cash on delivery.
Or credit card Visa or Master Card

Any and all disputes which may arise between us and renter will be sttled before the complement courts of Heraklion in Crete